When it comes to domestic deities, I am more a Goddess of Hoarded Objects than a Nigella. The Scots blood runs deep in me. I am loathe to waste. I keep everything – plants, papers, clothes, old letters, bolts of fabric, little bits of plastic with an unidentifiable purpose (I just KNOW that if I throw this white Perspex thingy with the little nubby bit out today I will realize what it’s for tomorrow!), jars of pickles, jams, honey, coulis, sundried this and sunblushed that and enough reams of paper with recipes on them that I feel solely responsible for at least one tenth of the depletion of the Amazon rainforest.  I have food stuffs in my cupboard so far past their sell by date that they have taken to calling me “Mommy” when I open the door. All because it’s just so much easier to butter a slice of warm toast than to figure out what to do with a jar of Pears In Port With Szechuan Peppercorns. But I am trying. My New Year’s resolution (along with the perennial drop-a-dress-size one) is, paradoxically, to try a new recipe from the legions in my kitchen cupboard at least 4 times a week. If I think they’re worth a bit more effort than buttering toast, you’ll find them (as well as some of my own concoctions), here. But considering I would include Royco’s Dijon Chicken and chips in my last meal, I’m possibly not the best judge of what is worth more effort than buttering toast…

(Edit: As I now find myself in the country these actual Szechuan peppercorns come from, cooking just any old recipe has become a bit more difficult. So I will try and share here how to adapt our Western recipes when you’re stuck with Eastern ingredients as well as how I have tried to recreate some of the dishes we have encountered on our travels.)


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