MeI was born in South Africa in an industrial city that is a great place to come from, and into an Afrikaans family full of champion braaiers, bakers and preservers. I have spent my life trying to cook candied sweet potatoes like my mom and aunts can, and have failed miserably so far. In 1999 I met my husband, Adam (aka Bush Man) – animal lover, rocking brunch maker, beautiful soul and my favourite person on the planet – and thanks to him I have seen so much of what this uncommon world has to offer. George, South Africa is where home is (or at least that is where the SABC sends our TV license reminders to). But we travel. A lot. And I spend far more time than I’d like trying to cook the food I love from home in a tiny hotel room with a toaster oven that is less an oven and more a toaster with delusions of grandeur.

This blog is about the food I cook, the eateries we frequent, the challenges of being a part time South African expat, and the wonderful (and oftentimes weird)  things we do and see on our travels and back home.


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  1. I simply loved your piece on Mezepoli! I am a bit biased as i do the marketing for Plaka & Mezepoli but would love to get in touch with you to possible do some writing for the group and for my other foodie clients. Please can you mail me lauren@…

  2. Thanks ~ Rene sent me your blog to read as I am also “into” great food ~ travel and have enjoyed reading your blog !!
    •.¸♡ ¸.•* ♡Li√e*•.¸♡ ¸.•* ♡Laugh*•.¸♡ ¸.•* ♡*•. L❤√€ ♡ ¸.•* ♡

  3. Not at all, but I know how to cook potatoes until done. It is my understanding that that qualifies me.